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I'm Annalisa, aka Girlwanderingabroad, many of you may know me a little more than others but no worries, we'll have all the time to know each other better everyday.I'm Italian, from the south, but "life" brought me here in Amsterdam where I live since almost 6 years....already? Wow, time surely flies fast, seems only yesterday when I arrived here, not even being able to communicate properly ( my English was very bad when I moved), just with a suitcase and a big bag-pack full of dreams!Since I was a teenager going to school, I never thought to be the kind of person able to spend all life in the same place, I get bored petty easily, with and about almost everything, there are only 2 things that never got me bored : Travel and Food!I will share with you my adventures and my foodie weaknesses, around the world, in Italy where I've born, in Amsterdam where I live and anywhere my wandering heart will take me during this awesome journey called life!Are you ready?

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